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As the spouse of a severely disabled veteran, Robin has become a prominent figure within the veteran community over the years. While she is first and foremost a loving wife, mother and grandmother, she devotes the rest of her time to supporting all who have worn the uniform and their families. In addition, to being a veterans’ advocate, she is also an accomplished author, breast cancer survivor as well as breast cancer advocate.

Watching her husband go through the trials and tribulations of his illness, hospital stays, paralysis, etc, as well as the denial letters from the VA, she knew she had to get involved in the plight of disabled veterans.  Being a  Bail Bondsman in her professional career, she has become quite accustomed to thinking outside the box, coming up with different strategies in order to achieve different objectives, additionally, a very strong background in researching the  different laws and statutes.  After watching her husband struggle with the VA system over the years, realizing how imperative it was for him to receive his benefits, she found herself getting involved with his case. Shortly after that, he became very successful with his claims, as exampled by his 100 percent and 70 percent disability rating decision.

Skills in researching laws as well as filing motions, etc, coupled with a very strong love for her husband has made her truly committed to helping  other veterans not have to go through what he did. She then took her knowledge and understanding of the VA system and began to realize that her husband was anything but alone when it came to having difficulties with getting his benefits. Many of her bail bonding clients and their family members had experienced the same or similar situations when dealing with the VA as well.  She merely began to share the information that had helped her husband become successful, by sharing with them the same techniques, they began having success with their claims as well. Over the course of ten plus years, she finely tuned her system, building entirely off what she has seen work with others in the past, then adapting that information with the applicable laws to meet each different veteran’s circumstances.  Over the years, many of the veterans she has helped began to express to her that writing a book would be a great way to help many other distressed veterans with teaching what is available to them and how to achieve success with their claims as well.  Robin and her husband wrote the “Expert’s Guide To Veterans Benefits”, and have worked tirelessly together helping tens of thousands of veterans and their families in receiving their benefits, as well as all aspects of veteran needs.



Vice President

Shortly after graduating high school in 1990, Alan enlisted into the United States Navy. After serving for close to 2 years aboard the USS Independence CV-62, working in the post office and on the flight deck, he became paralyzed from the neck down from a rare neuromuscular disorder called Guillain Barre Syndrome which was caused by drinking tainted water aboard the ship. After a 2 year hospitalization doing physical therapy daily to regain his mobility, he was medically retired from the service. Upon retiring, he moved back to Central Florida and enrolled into Valencia College working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and began working with other veterans in the community in his spare time, while simultaneously working in the resort industry. In August of 1998, Alan became paralyzed a second time after relapsing from Guillain Barre Syndrome. This time he had numerous complications including gangrene, fistulas, and approximately thirty surgeries, as well. Throughout this period of his life he had numerous struggles with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Social Security to receive the benefits and treatment that he desperately needed for his medical conditions. Which is when his sole focus in life became to assist his fellow veterans to receive the benefits they have rightfully earned.

Over the last 18 years, Alan has become a leader within the veteran community. He has assisted tens of thousands of veterans, service members and their families to receive their benefits. He regularly lectures at numerous colleges, Pow Wow’s, health fairs, homeless shelters for veterans, and numerous gatherings where veterans will be meeting that are needing assistance with their benefits issues. Additionally, he co-authored “The Expert’s Guide to Veterans Benefits”, and has worked tirelessly to assist with numerous pieces of legislation that have protected the sacred rights for all that have served our great nation.




 Soon after moving to Florida in 2004 Elisandro began working with homeowner’s associations and management of condominiums. After several years performing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable portfolios for several Not-Profit Corporations, Elisandro decided to move to a sited high rise in Downtown Orlando.

Although his role in the high rise was administrative he continued to excel in accounting and operations management. Elisandro reformed several processes and procedures to streamline the organization and provide better customer service. In his collaborative efforts with the management team the high rise was able to decrease expenses and renegotiate contracts to lower the budget regularly over the past three years.

After years of working closely with a veteran with PTSD, MDD and physical limitations, Elisandro wanted to give something back to the organization, that has helped him so much, he offered his services and experience to assist the organization.










As the spouse of a disabled veteran that suffers from PTSD, Amy has seen firsthand the trials and    tribulations that service members and their families face after their military service has ended. Her strong sense of loyalty and compassion have not only been a major asset within her own home, but she has helped many other veterans and their families as well to stay together while working to get them the long-term care they need post discharge. Being a Native of Central Florida, Amy has been able to provide us with numerous volunteers, as well as clothing/food drives using her strong local base of support within the Central Florida community. Additionally she spent close to 20 years working for United Parcel Service as both an office administrator and as the convention coordinator for UPS as the liaison between UPS and many large nonprofits such as The United Way. Amy’s strong background in event planning, procurement, organizational, and office administration skills have made her an invaluable asset to our team.

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Mr. Sisser spent his career working as an office manager with a specialization in logistics before realizing that his true potential was with assisting the veteran community with his unique skill sets. He quickly came to realize the challenges and obstacles that disabled veterans face while volunteering in veterans community projects several years ago.

His invaluable insights and strong work ethic have made him a valued asset to our team, especially when we are arranging events within the community such as homeless veteran’s projects. Mr. Sisser currently works in a managerial administrative position for Auto Zone, while over the last 20 years he has worked in account and logistical management positions for other large companies such as “Recall” which is the largest document and records’ management company within the United States, and with Brandt Box Company as both a warehouse and accounts receivable manager.




Allen is a former Sergeant in the United States Army where he served with the 1st Cavalry Division based out of Fort Hood, Texas as a 19 Delta, Cavalry Scout. He is a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II, 04-05, and was a member of C Troop 10th Cavalry, 1st Brigade BRT, 1st Cavalry Division. He was also an Operations NCO with HHQ 1/7 Cavalry Garry Owen. Since medically retiring from the United States Army because of his injuries, Allen has received his Bachelor’s Degree in American History, and currently works as a federal employee for The National Archives. Allen continues to volunteer his free time though working with other combat veterans that are in need of mentoring after their military service has ended.




Trevor Fischer enlisted in the US Army in June of 2005 as a Military Police Soldier, and attended Basic Training and Military Police School at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. Graduating in November 2005, Trevor was assigned to the 800th Military Police Brigade in Uniondale, New York until his move to Florida which brought him to the 418th Military Police Detachment. Serving in OIF/OEF in Baghdad, Iraq from May 2007 to May 2008 his unit was responsible for operations on Compound V. In 2010 Trevor was diagnosed with PTSD and began his arduous journey to seek help for his condition. Fighting for Our Heroes Foundation (FFOHF) helped Trevor obtain his benefits and keep his home when things were looking bleak. Trevor was so moved by the generosity and dedicated personal attention shown by FFOHF and its members that he has been volunteering his time to help support the FFOHF and other Veterans. Alan and Trevor have set up a network of Veterans and have worked together to help Veterans dealing with PTSD and the issues arising from the condition. Trevor is also an integral part of the Fighting for Our Heroes PTSD Fishing program as well as the peer-to-peer counseling program.